Please help with Roster direction

I’ve just started playing this a little over 6 months ago and I feel like I’m stuck. I’m not really sure what direction to go in now based off of my current roster. I’ve played every day since getting the game but have felt like I have no direction. Please help.


  • LordDirt
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    Go to the Journey Guide and got to the solo journeys. Start working your way through them. Join a guild if you haven’t already so you can start getting Han Solo, General Kenobi, Darth Traya, WAT, ROLO, and others.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
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    Gearing Han/Chewie would be a good start, your CLS is lacking support.
  • Dashrunner
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    Or plan out your first GL. It's a long ride, but going to be your backbone of your roster.
    Based on freddie https://swgoh.freddie.****/?player=987449496 perhaps SEE looks promising. It's a good offensive GL, though not the best, but you already have a few toons at 7* for him.
    Alternatively securing a good spot in the fleet arena is an important source of crystal income. In that case the Executor might be a good goal.
    Expect at least 1.5 years for unlocking SEE if you're f2p. But it will come, sooner or later if you don't quit.

    Sorry the board x's out the domain of the URL. It is https://swgoh.freddie.w_t_f without the _
    Then append your player id /?player=987449496
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    @TheMando04 add me in-game and ill help you out.

    Once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Wait... never mind.
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