Darksaber Battlecry 378m GP - looking for a few active members 7m GP+

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Hello we are currently looking for a few active players to join our semi casual guild.

378M GP
1-5 spots available - 7M+ GP
CPIT: completes in ~15hr
Raids at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern.
TW: Sign up required to reach 320M+. 130+ GLs. No forced farms.
TB 31*/22*: 30+ Wat, 3-5 KAM shards.
RoTe - 19-21 stars (2 Reva shards)

Semi-casual, no hard requirements. all we ask is that you join our discord, remain active, and participate in events and daily tickets.
Message us on Discord recruitment server with your swgoh.gg profile or Ally Code.


Or in game - ally code: 853-546-587
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