Rancor Wranglerz guild open to join

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Low level guild accepting anyone level 25+, starting off with the low level raids! Many spots available


  • Up to 400K GP with only a handful of members
  • I have a guild that is just me and one other person, but just me by myself my gpis at 2 million something. If you want you can join my guild. I will even make you the leader an officer if you like. I want to make a strong guild, and I also want my players to be strong. I want everyone that joins my guild to work as a team and get along. I want to be able to do raids and to do territory battles and wars. I want us all to grow strong like I said. So if this sounds good to you then you can look me up my guilds name is the lightside will burn out and my alley code is285-245-656. I have been trying to build my guild up now for a few months now so I know how hard it is. And like I said my gp just by myself is at 2 million something so that would help you out also and your players and if you and your people and me and my officer it would work out for all of us. So what do you say. Want to give it a try, and if for some reason it does not work out you can just take you and your people and go, but I like to run my guild where everyone is just about equal. Everyone has a say, but the final word does come down. To me and the officers.
  • Oh and just so you know we like a lot of communication. Also my name is Darthjester and his name is Lord vader, and again our guild name is the lightside will burn out and I gave you my alley code number 285-245-656. Hope to hear from you or to see that you decided to join with us.
  • Hey there Summer78, we are up to about 13 members currently so I don't think it would be worth it to fold ours and join yours, however if you are looking to be in an active guild feel free to join us.
  • Well I just thought I would try. Like I said my gp alone is 2 million you might change your mind if you took a look at my inventory and what you would be gaining if you joined me, and like I said if you don't like how it's going then you can always just go your own way. It's just that I was under other people and thet were good at first then the leader would change and the guild would change. I swore I would not put myself through that stuff again. I am fair and treat everyone the same. I expect the same from everyone the same thing I expect from myself, and treat everyone the way I want to be treated, and expect everyone to treat each other the same way. Plus like I said I would make you an officer right away if it means that much to you.
  • Palates I am talking it over with my guy to see what he want to do I when he gets back to me and let's me know what he wants to do I will let you know cool. Also can you leave me your ally code incase he decides he wants to give it a try to forum to come join your guild.
  • My ally code is 861-586-877. Everyone in our guild is pretty low level so I don't know how much we can really offer you, but if you do want an active guild feel free to join. Raids will start once we have enough tickets
  • Well that's why I was saying for you guys to join my guild since I am a higher lvl and a higher gp then you guys are. This way you guys can take more time to build yourselves up and not have to worry as much about recruiting players. You can leave that to me, and everyone else can help with trying to recruit, but if you guys joined my guild it would just make it easier on all of you. I have already started to do territory battles by myself while my one officer lvls himself up and builds his characters up and I try to help when he requests stuff from me. We already have 20 thousands something raid tickets. So by you guys joing us I think would make more sense, and like I said I would make you an officer. And if you and your guys don't like it with us then no hard feelings, but the two of us worked to hard to give up everything we worked for, for two people.
  • My ally code is 285-245-656 and our guild name is the lightside will burn out. At least request me as an ally and check us out and we can chat afterwards deal. Before either one of us make a decision. Sound good.
  • I'm good, thanks for the offer though. we are gunna stick it out in our guild. Our recruiting has been going very well so I'm not so worried about wasting time.
  • Up to 15 members! First raid starts tonight don't miss out
  • 32 members 3.2M GP join before we fill up :) everyone has been incredibly active! Raids running constantly at this point
  • Wanting to give an update for those looking for a guild!

    Rancor Wranglerz is a 21m GP guild running heroic rancor 2-3 times a week. Territory wars and battles both are getting promising participation. We currently have 4-5 spots open, however requirements have changed. We ask that you are as active as possible, however life happens so we have a 3 day inactive kick rule. We also have turned our level requirement up to level 60 in hopes of getting more active players that have already committed to continuing to play the game as we had a high turnover rate early on. The guild is very active and we have some awesome members willing to help. It's currently open to join to level 60+, message me with any questions! Discord is optional but preferred
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