How to get started

I played this game super casually, just to waste time for a while. Recently I came back and I’m at lvl 85 but I have no idea what I’m doing. There’s also a lot of things that seem new. I was wondering if you had any tips.

I try reading some posts here but they all use very specific language I don’t understand. Is there a specific team I should be building? Materials I should be farming? Types of Mods that are above others?

Any help (with simple English pls) would be very welcome. I mainly play to get the characters I like (First Order, old trilogy main characters, Rey and co…), but I would like to advance the ship side of the game as well and that’s not happening lol


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    Do you have a SWGOH.GG account?
    I would suggest making one & linking it so people can see what sort of shape your in for characters.

    If 1st Order is one you have farmed up then I would suggest going for SLKR (Supreme Leader Kylo Ren) as your first GL (Galactic Legend)

    As for Fleet? Do you have all the Fleet Challenges Unlocked?
    Specifically the Executrix one that gives you zeta mats?
    I'm assuming so but checking to make sure.
    What capital ships do you have unlocked &/or maxed out in level/abilities?
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    You will have to find a guild to join too.
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    @amelio you can add me if you want to or if you want help in-game or on discord.

    Once a Jedi, always a Jedi. Wait... never mind.
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