Please nerf Suspicious+The Odds interactions

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It's basically in the title. Suspicious combined with The Odds is too overpowered. Rebels could constantly bonus attack whittle away the health of their opponents, even if they're underleveled (no joke: my level 80 team got obliterated by the Sector 3 Conquest Boss on easy, which made them all be at level 65). In worst case scenarios, this could result in an indefinite loop (most possibly with characters who can recover health when hit, such as Unmasked Kylo Ren), and if I remember correctly, there's a policy that seeks to remove them when found. This is worse with ROLO, who could simply attack many times, and recover 100% turn meter (and yes, this has happened to me). The fact that they can't be countered is worse, combined with the health steal. Now I need something that can't be upgraded, such as Steadfast Retribution to be able to deal with this (and even then, they could simply destroy my team yet again even after unlimited counterattacks have left them at barely any health left). I've already spent a hundred Conquest Credits trying to get good consumables and not one thing has worked, no matter how many squads I try.

Yes, Greedo's ability has no cap, but he DOESN'T attack again after using Special Abilities, right? Right?

Please nerf this. Either make it all counterable, or decrease the damage/critical chance/chances of attacking again. An underleveled team with a feature that can only be removed (very temporarily) by Boba Fett or Darth Vader should NOT be allowed to destroy a level 80 team. I've somehow encountered 5 bonus attacks in one turn (0.39% each time) at least 5 times already.

Edit: from what I have seen, the game finishes whatever turn the enemy is on before leaving the match. A bunch of bonus attacks could significantly prolong that turn, making end times sometimes very long, and I doubt anyone wants to force quit the game to leave and be greeted by the long load time.
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  • Regardless of the Suspicious buff, most rebel teams above level 85 crit 100% of the time anyway. If you are going against "the odds" modifier, is up to you to bring a solution along.

    You could take an r9 JML against them with no solution and Sabine can kill him in 1 turn. No suspicion involved.

    Crit immunity, control teams, tm trains.
  • Thing is, the battle that I raged on had preloaded turn meter for the enemy team. ROLO also kept gaining bonus turn meter from her constant basics.

    I don't think slapping Isolate onto Sana could do anything about suspicious since it's a debuff, could she? I guess Moff Gideon might be an option outside of using Steadfast Retribution.
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