Getting gp to 4mil

I see people saying to bloat until 4m gp. Is that because then u can do hard conquest? Right now im at 3.8m & get the gold chest (2nd to last) in normal conquest. How would I do in the hard mode if I push for me & is it worth doing the harder conquest rewards wise(im also one day away from gettint SLKR) Edit: learned it was for proving grounds event. My question still stands though should I go for the hard conquest when I hit 4m or is it not as rewarding if I wont go as far


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    Personally I’d say go to hard as soon as you can. The first crate is about equivalent to red crate normal & it gets better with each one. So even if you just get the second crate you’ll be doing significantly better. Also you don’t necessarily need a bunch of GLs to make it through so you might be surprised at how well you do
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    Not speaking from experience, but PG should get you the conquest character faster too, which you would prob want.
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