Proving Grounds for Interceptor

Wow. Might be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in this game.


  • Do we know when this will hit Proving Grounds? Let's say its conquest started on 2/7/22 and ended on 4/19/22, would it show up a year after it started or after it ended? Is that even the cycle?

    Trying to determine how to use crystals and conquest currency.
    Thank you
  • They just added TIE interceptor to proving grounds. The ship will be in after this current conquest. They add the unit to PG after the first of three instead of at the end of the third.
  • gymghi
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    did it with GL Rey, Bando, Raid han, cat, dash

    most other teams died instantly, interestingly
    GL Rey, jtr, ben, can't remember who else, i got bored, it got down to just JTR and Reva trading blows
  • Try Traya (L), Sion, Malak, Nihilus, SEE. but tbh can replace see with Talon i suspect will be as good. Traya, sion, Nihilus all R5 Malak SEE R7
  • Try R7 SEE and R5 Enfys Nest. They physically can’t take out Nest which will let you charge up Sith Eternal’s ult. They’ll keep targeting her for most of the match.
  • Try R7 SEE and R5 Enfys Nest. They physically can’t take out Nest which will let you charge up Sith Eternal’s ult. I think the only way to beat this is massive amounts of cheese
  • I think my fastest character is LV at 582 speed and he's seriously out run in this event.
  • i think dash got 1 go with his basic, Bando healed han a couple of times, who just used his basic a couple of times, rey 1 aoe and 1 ultimate aoe, i was a bit surprised having seen everyone else die.

    gucci palp team sort of did quite well, even though vader was insta killed
  • Joebo720
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    Traya, Scion, Nihlus, Talon, (other sith, i used LV but wasn't a difference maker) Malak would have been better
  • AlexanderG wrote: »
    What the heck? What speed are they?? They basically exterminate your squad before you get a move.

    R3 required. Lol.

    Gotta be at least 800. Even with JMK they'll run circles around you with no bonus TM.
  • As recommended above, Traya lead works.
  • my relic 7 slkr tem got deleted!!
  • Traya lead. I only lost Malax Sith triumvirate, SEE and Malak.
  • Screerider wrote: »
    Not sure serious. My R7 Nest got deleted.

    Ah well... 20 blueprints of SSC would be nice.

    I had third sister and grand inquisitor linked the entire game, I’m sure that helped.
  • I got 2 stars with this, but full heartily agree it's ridiculous. Absolutely destroyed my slkr and seep teams.
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