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My level is 50. My arena squad comprehends:
Darth Sidious (leader, 4 stars, gear 5, 2428 power, level 50)
Count Dooku (3 stars, gear 6, 2365 power, level 50)
Jedi Consular (3 stars, gear 5, 2151 power, level 49)
Talia (3 stars, gear 5, 2167 power, level 49)
Luminara Unduli (3 stars, gear 4, 1839 power, level 48 - even though she does better than Talia)

Now I have other characters and I would like to know which ones I should level up/farm in your opinion and replace with ones in the arena squad.

Chewbacca - Jawa - Luke Skywalker - FO TIE Pilot - Resistance Trooper - Greedo - Ewok Scout - Cad Bane - Royal Guard - Nightsister Initiate - Nightsister Acolyte - Ewok Elder - Clone Sergeant Phase 1 - Tusken Raider - Snowtrooper - IG-86 Sentinel Droid - Poe Dameron - FO Stormtrooper - Geonosian Soldier - Teebo

I'm close to getting Boba Fett, Asajj Ventress, Darth Vader and Captain Phasma.

Which characters should there be in my arena squad in your opinion? Which ones should I farm and try to get from Arena, Cantina and GW?
My rank at the moment is about #800s. I used to get to ranks #300 and #200 but now it seems impossible. I haven't spent any money for this game by the way.


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    If I may make a recommendation to EA for the PVP. If someone wins a fight that is fine for them to move ahead, but can we have their win just bump the people from their last position to current position down 1 spot instead of having the loser drop 10 spots to where the previous challenger was ranked?
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    I look at your team, and i think "he's got nothing!"

    I mean, you have healers (talia, jc, lum), and thats great, you're gonna need them. Probably all 3 in fact. But then you're trying to follow all of the other rats in this maze by running dooku and sidious.

    Dooku is great for helping you through the darkside missions, and can be niche on an anti-jedi team, but sidious is a silly hero for anyone who is serious. Ignore all of the posts for on the forum, and just think of how he does on your team. You're still waiting for it. The day when he is susposed to be worth it. He's only worth it in lopsided battles, where he is 7* and max gear against 4 or 5 * team comps. He doesnt really get any better. Why do you think they had to buff him? In the longterm game, you need to get rid of him. The sooner the better.

    Youve got poe and he is farmable. Get him decked out, you wont regret it (like you will with sidious). You are also going to regret boba.
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  • That was harsh pilot. Obviously he does not know what he is doing.

    Dear khapno,
    By now, you should realize resources are limited. You cannot train too many character.

    That being said, it is very important to complete gw. Being at rank 800 you might get easier opponent. Do not worry about arena. If you could get into top 500 is better. That way you can get 200crystal daily. 100for cantina 100 for mission.

    Keep ugrade sid&lumi until 7*. Unlock consular cantina shard and farm her to 7.

    Use the shipment to get daka to 7.

    Another slot is up to you. You have spend too much energy on dooku. My advise is to stop at 4. Should decided to continue farming him, please do not stop until he is 7. Better don't.

    For gw get fo & resistant pilot, luke to 40 gear iv. You need to send them in and take out their best dps and use retreat button.

    Get chewie to 4. Other tank to 40. send them in to absorb big early special. Yes you can send in untrained character, but they might not have the chance to proc big hit.

    My final advise is to reroll since you do not spend any money yet.
  • Drop Talia. That's for sure.
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