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.I need help I'm level 35 and I'm currently going for phoenix. can i have a guide on what i should do


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    Hey, lots of folks here are happy to help.
    First question: You say you're going for Phoenix. Is that because you like them or because someone told you to go for them first, or ...?

    I tell everyone who plays this game that there are so many things to do that if you're just going for the fastest route to power/victory/whatever it will soon turn into. job. So important tip #1: always keep it fun.

    Phoenix is a decent starter squad. You'll have to fill in around them, but everyone will need them eventually. Also they used to be MUCH harder to gear, so they function even better as a starter squad now than they used to do. There are a couple competing starter squads like NightSisters and especially Geonosians, and as far as power-efficiency goes I think most people would say that the Bugs (Geonosians) have an advantage over Phoenix. But as I was just mentioning, the point of a game is to have fun, so if you like Phoenix better than Bugs, we'll plan around that.

    (Besides as I said, you have to fill around Phoenix so you won't be neglecting Geos. We're just deciding which squad gets top priority.)

    So! I'm really glad you showed up at level 35. In about 5 levels (maybe 4 by now, at level 35 you're still levelling really quick. Probably still one or more a day if you do all the activities available to you). Squad Arena is a great place to practice using your characters, but the rewards aren't worth serious effort. Instead you'll want to focus on
    1) Preparing for Fleet Arena
    2) Preparing for Galactic War
    3) Preparing for unlocking several special characters, namely Emperor Palpatine, Thrawn, R2-D2, and Commander Luke Skywalker
    4) Making sure your bounty hunters & scoundrels don't fall too far behind so you can keep up with the Credit Heists (you'll really need those credits) and the Droid Smuggling (you'll need these too, for a bit, though by the time you hit level 80 training droids should be plentiful compared to credits so it's really only between now and level 80 or 82 that you have to worry about them).

    Rebels unlock Palp (any rebels, and Phoenix are rebels, so you're covered there) and Phoenix unlocks Thrawn. R2D2 is unlocked by Empire toons, so unlocking Palp & Thrawn will help you a ton there as they are both very good toons. CLS is the last in this chain as he requires R2D2 to access his event.

    So! There are your tasks organized!

    But what do you do to achieve these goals? Well very first you have to have a spending plan for every energy and every currency, every day.

    I'll help you with that as well, but for that I want you to register your game account at SWGOH.GG

    That's a 3rd party website that accesses the information on your characters and mods and makes it all available to look at in a convenient way, both for you and also for people trying to help you or thinking about recruiting you into a guild.

    It's been a long time since I first signed up, so I don't remember the procedure, but it's like most websites. It will ask for an e-mail to verify, then ask for your game info so it can locate which game account is yours.

    Go ahead and register with SWGOH.GG after you read this and then drop a message back here. At that point I can take a look at what you have and help you make plans for each of the energy types and each of your currencies.
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    I have signed up for SWGOH.GG my name is Villaslug and i was told to do phoenix i have also just unlocked galactic war
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    Can you go to your own profile and then post a link to that here so we can see exactly where you are at? That would help. I can try to Google, but I've done that every couple hours for a while and google just doesn't update their directory that fast. We have to wait until they rescan the website for that.
    In the meantime, though, you can still just post the link here so I can access it before google finds your page.

    Moving on to another topic: Which team do you think would be the most fun for you? do you WANT to farm Phoenix? Because if so, sure, they're absolutely a decent starter team. But if you like the idea of farming the Geonosians or focussing on Jedi or something else that seems cool to you, we can make that work as well.

    The goal here is to get you teams that work AND that are fun for you to play.

    So rather than just doing what someone tells you, just let me know if you want to farm Phoenix first, or if there's some other character or group you think is cool that you want to access and I will absolutely help you put together a plan to prioritize that.
  • Options i want to farm phoenix first as i also like them
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    Phoenix is a great option at low level farming because you get access to the entire team early on, Zeb is the last one you can get at Level-40 & he's likely the first one you'll get to 7* because his shards will come the fastest.

    In the very early game its about who you can "see/farm" right then.
    Once you hit 85 you can mostly do anyone in any order you want.

    For example.....

    Cantina Nodes & suggest the following for your first 6 farms.
    Ezra > Hera > KRU/Silencer > GeoSpy > GeoSldr > OldBen
    All are early nodes & will really prep you for early events & fleet.

    Cantina Store Purchase Order
    Chopper > Ahsoka > BobaFett >

    Squad Arena Store Purchase Order
    Kanan > Tarkin > Leia > IG88 > Ackbar

    Getting Phoenix up & running early while prepping for Palaptine, Thrawn, Yoda events & Fleet at 60 is pretty important to staying ahead of the curve.
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