Official and Unnoficial Cal Kestis Hero Journey Requirements.

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Official: Cere Junda (Probably 7 Stars)
Official: Merrin (Probably 7 Stars)
Unofficial: Second Sister (4 Stars)
Unnoficial: Ninth Sister (3 Stars)
Unnoficial: Taron Malicos (7 Stars)
Unnoficial: Darth Vader (7 Stars)
Unnoficial: Stormtrooper (7 Stars)
Unnoficial: Purge Trooper (7 Stars)
Unnoficial: Jaro Tapal (7 Stars)
Unnoficial: Greez Dritus (6 Stars)

After You Have Cal Kestis (JFO) With 7 Stars (and All Requirements of His Hero Journey With 7 Stars Too)

The New Journey Guide Of Cal Kestis (Survivor)

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    Will require all at 7*. Also there will only be 1 more new Fallen Order char (2x Cal, Merrin and Cere = 4)
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