How will the new tusken chieftain be unlocked?

So having just saw the ad for the new tusken chieftain a few hours ago I havent seen any info about what type of event he will be unlocked through. Is he another marquee toon or just another new empire raid exclusive like reva and trench or galactic legend? When reading his ability list it sounded like something regarding relic amplifiers which I thought were just galactic legend specific.


  • I thought I saw marquee in a leak video, but admittedly could totally be off
  • Yeah I wasn't able to stay on the game long enough earlier to see much. I saw a quick ad for it and clicked off so I could get energy and sign out. But according to the first ability it seems to read something about involving relic amplifiers to boost efficiency or something to that effect.
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    All new units are marquee until stated otherwise
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