Tusken Chieftain Community Questions w/ Dev Answers

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Is the Chieftain going to be a Marquee character in line with some of the others or is it something different, like a Galactic Chase?


Will we see a new version of Boba Fett to reflect what we saw in Book Of Boba Fett?

As with any character we add to the game, not only should they be visually distinct from other versions of that character, but they also should have an obvious hole they are trying to fill (or initially create when we add new factions). Some characters fit the former more than the latter and vice versa.

Does “no character that summons at the start of battle” include Tusken Raider with the omicron?

Not only does this include Tusken Raider with the Omicron, but even if the Omicron tier is not purchased (due to limitations of the way our game works). Basically a “character that summons” is any character that has the capability to summon, whether that ability is unlocked or not.

Why are the new Tusken units Dark Side alignment instead of Neutral, and switching the others to fit? The show didn't portray them as evil but just trying to keep of hold on their stolen lands.

Our game requires certain alignment concessions for things like balancing.

Star Wars has expanded to embrace a more nuanced view of dark vs light alignments in more recent years and it can be difficult to reconcile that with the stark distinction in our game system.

Why is Boba Fett, Scion of Jango Fett not eligible for participation in the new raid??

He is meant to work with the Chieftain's Omicron, which is not active in the raid.

Since Tusken Chieftain seems to have no offense Abilities, Bais or Special, hwat happens when he's on his own/all his allies are defeated? (Retreat Mechanic)

He remains on the field as he can still defeat enemies via Damage Over time so we didn't feel that the Pacifist status suited him.

Special 1 states that he reduces all tusken cooldowns by 1. Does that cooldown decrease include this ability as well?


Does momentum get dispeled from all tusken allies after one tusken with 10 stacks gets targeted by enemy or just that targeted tuskens momentum stacks?

It's only dispelled from the targeted Tusken.

Why does it specify that Boba Fett can't lose stacks of Momentum in other ways besides expiration if expiration is the only way he can lose it?

The Omicron states that Scion counts as a Tusken, and Chieftain's leader states that Tuskens can lose Momentum when attacked. Scion does not lose Momentum when attacked.

Are tuskens getting an assult battle of there own like inquisitors?

Tuskens will be added as a playable faction to the Inquisitor’s Assault Battle.

If you can say, what was the deciding factor that now was the best time to add more Tuskens after all these years? It’s quite exciting.

We had this really cool Krayt Dragon raid coming out and it felt like a place in the game where we could let Tuskens shine and focus on rounding out their faction.

Can we expect any 5v5 Gac Omi to use the whole faction there?

The 5 Tusken faction will be extremely useful in the Krayt raid, so the team will have utility outside of Grand Arenas

Any chance for A'sharad Hett in the future?

He’s an extremely interesting character that has versions that slot into a lot of different areas, thanks for the suggestion.

Will Tusken Raiders 3v3 omicron work with Tusken Chieftain omicron?

Since Cheiftain’s Omicron specifically says “there is no character that summons at the start of battle”, Tusken Raider’s summoning ability will mean that Cheiftain’s Omicron will not turn Boba Fett, Scion of Jango into a Tusken.

What is the new tusken squad expected to beat?

Teams that gain a lot of bonus Turn Meter are exactly what the new Tusken squad has been designed to counter.

will you be doing any updates or reworks on the original 3 tuskens?

The current Tuskens are performing very well in 3v3 Grand Arenas, so we don’t want to go in and muck about with their power levels at this time. All balance testing for Chieftain was done with the current Tuskens’ ability and power level taken into account. (Chieftain himself acts as sort of an update to the older Tuskens simply by being in the leader slot).
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