I just unlock ships, what do I do?

Hey guys, I just reached lvl 60, and unlocked ships and its pretty hard due to my ships being pretty weak.
What should I do?



  • In a while you will have enough ship arena currency to buy blueprints to upgrade some of the more common ships. In the meantime, try to upgrade the crew of your ships with stars and gear.
    Additionally it would be a good idea to unlock these ships in the long run:

    Darth Vader's Tie advanced x1
    boskk's Hounds tooth
    bobba fett's slave 1
    cade bane's ship xanadu blood
    and of course
    mando's razor crest

    for a capital ship you want
    piett's ship the executor it is probably the best capital ship in the game.

    these all are really good ships.

    Some galactic legends require certain ships so you may want to try to get those first if you are working on them
  • Pick 5 dark side ships that you have access to. Chip away at starring then up, you'll need them for the executrix fleet challenge that rewards ability materials. You'll also need some light side ships, but they can wait until your dark side is done.

    Do the capital ship blueprints as you can.
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    Geonosians are a very good starting fleet under Executrix, which helps in the ability mat challenge contributing to your characters (which will be your main source of zetas, but you don't have to worry about them until you're heading towards level 80), and they continue to have some (albeit less) use under a Malevolence lead
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