What team should I focus on now?

So I was a big Phoenix team guy for awhile, but I’ve been told they just aren’t really late game viable. I’m not sure who I should mainly focus on for thing like arena and raids though. Sith team maybe? Also I’m a noob to the forum so if someone tells me how to post my roster I will


  • You can link your account to a website called swgoh.gg just follow the instructions there and then post a link to your characters here again. But to answer your first question bounty hunters are a really strong team all the way till endgame. You can use multiple characters but the most versatile are Boba fett(needed for multiple legendaries to), bossk(with his ship), jango(strong and farming him gets you one of the best ships in the game), the mandalorian, aurra sing with a great lead and fennec shand for some really good damage too. But really anyone you have can work but it may not be as good. That's my advice on this tho there are multiple teams to upgrade that will last a long time.
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