Another banned this morning without a reason

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I see it happened to more people. I also got banned this morning.

I never:
- cheated,
- hacked the game,
- abused anybody,
- broke the game rules,
- purchased any crystals from unknown sources,
- played on hacked device - always use my iPhone12

Im running around 30th-50th place in both squad and fleet arenas. It is true that I face people with twice as mine GP in GAC, but I usually I loose these matches, except for times when they fail to attack me.

My ally code is 664-242-654
My user name is ProsperInferno

What is a reason for this ban?
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  • Maybe it is due to fact that I did Galactic Bounties event mythic tear with my G11-G12 Imperial troopers... No clue...
  • This battle is a slight bit suspicious, but I doubt anything else could have gotten you banned.

    Did you fight a team that consisted only of Mon Mothma, C-3PO, Wat Tambor, and Hermit Yoda?
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    I don't remember facing such line up.

    Regarding this screen both Quira and Luke add lots of potency to Enfys Nest and this is a way to win. Additionally opponent's Phoenix squad was gear 10/11 without zeta.
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    This honestly makes us wonder if OP's ban is warranted. We are glad to see CG is cracking down on cheating. But with the information available we feel like this one may be a mistake.

    We hope CG can give us and/or OP some clarification.
    I'm very preoccupied this morning, so I haven't had a chance to take a look at today's reports, and I love the enthusiasm the guild is batting for its members

    Rest assured, CG investigates all ban appeals, regardless of how obvious or hidden the cheating has been

    After the investigation is over, the clarification will only be provided to OP, he is free to share the information with the rest of the guild if he wishes to share it, however

    You need to be prepared for the scenario where OP might be a cheater and unwilling to share, at the end of the day, the only one that will be getting closure is OP

    I haven't checked OP's data yet, but like you said, there is limited information available to us, there are other game modes Capital Games is cracking down on that we have no information on, such as Conquest, Territory Battles, Journey Guide Toon unlocks etc
  • Thanks for getting back so fast. We await the investigation of the appeal with confidence.

    And as mentioned, we have a zero cheating policy, if the ban is not lifted and OP isn't willing to share why, we'd have to part ways. We hope, and expect, this won't be the case.
  • I have nothing to hide! So CG answer will be passed to my guild!

    This is the way!
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    I have nothing to hide!

    That's what the train guy said as well!

  • If you were banned unfairly then genuinely, best of luck and I hope it's reversed.
  • Ultra wrote: »
    I have nothing to hide!

    That's what the train guy said as well!


    Right, but this guy is in a Guild that he knows is anti-cheating.

    "I'm a fair player. Transparency is part of my religion."
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    Capital Games has completed investigating your account

    If you are unbanned, Great!

    If you are still banned, and want to know what specific instance triggered your ban, reach out to @CG_Leviathan to dispute

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