LS Geo is killing guilds in the 150-200m range

Hi all,

I'm an officer in a guild that's been in the 175-200m GP range for a while, in a big alliance, and I'll just throw this out there: the combination of the 200m gate for ROTE and the difficulty/rewards for LS Geo is causing huge retention problems.

Players with 2.5M GP are holding out for guilds who are doing ROTE, and it seems to be working for them, as we're really only finding recruits in the 1-1.5M range. We've had massive attrition in our 4M+ players, as they move up to higher guilds in the alliance that are already doing ROTE. Net out of this, and I am guessing many of you who are in guilds in this same weight class will agree, is that the game is currently set up in such a way as to make it very, very difficult to sustain a guild in the 150 - 200M range.

I would like to put a suggestion out there for the dev team: please consider either reducing the difficulty of LS Geo to be similar to DS Geo OR increasing the rewards for LS Geo to account for the higher difficulty level. You no longer need to make it difficult to keep 8M GP accounts entertained -- all of them ran for the hills and started doing ROTE instead of LS Geo the moment it was released. The people who are playing LS Geo now are primarily accounts in the 1.5 - 3M GP range, and honestly, the rewards are way, way out of sync with the difficulty level given the new overall dynamics of the game.

This is a mature game, and there's a good bit of attrition at higher levels as people get burned out and decide to quit. If you want to maintain a solid player base and keep the game viable as a business, you need to keep new players coming in to replace the old ones that are leaving. Right now, I would argue, people get into a bit of a doldrums type stage when they hit the GP ranges I mention above, and that's not healthy for the long term state of the business.

Ok, I've said what I wanted to say. Please consider making some changes to LS Geo to help get it better aligned with the player base that's currently consuming it.


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