GSF Ascension = 30*+ ROTE + 77% TW Win Rate! (~45 Reva shards) + 120m Krayt Raid!

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Hello there!

We are looking for 10+ members! (Group of players decided TW is not for them)

What we want from you!
-Full participation in ROTE
-600 tickets daily (Can miss twice a month)
-Full Participation in TW offense (enjoys pvp)
-Focused account ~8million GP+
-Don't ignore Mods
-Don't ignore datacrons
-Must have GI
-Always hits Krayt Raid

About us:
~460m GP Guild
30* ROTE
~45+ Reva shards.
77% TW Win rate
120 million crate in Krayt

Apart of the powerful TW focused GSF Alliance
If you're interested, please join our recruitment server to meet the officers and drop us your at:

See you soon!
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