Opinion on jml ending

So iv got a question... kinda a personal preferences type deal but right now I have jkl tp r5 and will just move him up as I get the pieces ready... but I still need Biggs who's a g12 old Ben who's a g12 and mon whod like a g9 and needing 2 kyros... all extra energy I get and all store credit is going towards kyros but do u guys personally move the g12s to g13 and finish or catch up mon while doing the rest of the g12 stuff that isn't kyro (almost all of which is farmable on ships) I think I No which makes the most sense but am curious to see others opinions on this and why they're that way


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    I'm not certain this is what you're asking, but I'm going to take a stab.

    Do I gear more than 1 toon at a time? Yes. But I don't use normal energy for any gear but kyros 99% of the time. Every other gear on normal energy nodes flows in from the shops for various currencies, raid and other rewards, and they pretty much keep up with the full time kyro farm. The 1% would be the g12 finisher pieces occasionally fall behind (handles, heads, injectors). Get2 and gac currency all goes on kyros for me too. Mostly the computers, so I'm always farming the prods, which comes with good scavenger mats.

    I'd get JKL finished to r7, then get one of the others to g13 so signal data can start going to them. Meanwhile getting the other as close to g13 without using the kyros, and moving mon mothma up at the same time. If the others get all their g13 stuff, look up what mon mothma will need and use ship energy to have that gear ready too.

    I think its ideal to be doing a sub g11 toon at the same time as a g12 toon and a relic toon. They all want different stuff, but the sub g11 one gets filled without energy (other than kyros for new toons), the g12 gets filled from ship energy and the relic one from cantina energy.
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    Yep that's what I was leaning towards and I was mainly wondering about the mon thing... everything else will basically get there in time like u said and as u said I came to the conclusion by not doing mon right away I'd wind up getting in a hole on her... Def doing hers first till g11 then I'll apply Biggs and bens
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