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What us going on with this game ?? . Cheating is rife and nobody cares . I have made a fairly new alternate account and there are quite a few r9 teams empire and jedi . Theres 4/5 guys with total rag bag teams gear 5/6 starter characters not even level 70s and they are beating the teams daily . i have reported them all weeks ago and heard nothing and they are still there spoiling everybodys fun on a daily basis . They can’t clear these teams without cheating its impossible they get 1 shotted without taking a turn in defence . Why is CG not banning these clowns ??
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    If you want to report a potential cheater,
    please send a message to @CG_Leviathan with details on why you think someone is cheating and your ally code plus the ally code and name of the suspected cheater.
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