Darkside Killa 146mil GP

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/HY0MyF54S426zyNrG_X8RA/

Darkside Killa
146M GP

Darkside Killa is a semi-competitive guild that provides a friendly environment for everyone to grow their accounts with a focus on competing at the next level as a team. We are close-knit and have extremely knowledgeable/experienced players from mid to end game who help guide all members of the guild. We work together to accomplish our goals, value transparency, and make every attempt at improving the weakest link. Simply put, farm in the direction you want as long as you are meeting guild goals for success.

We are looking for players 3mil+ to bolster our ranks and take us up a notch. With this we would be 200mil+ at full. We are in the process of trimming the inactive fat from our guild to progress to our next stage of success. We have 7 roster spots currently available with the potential of 20 spots total. We would also be willing to discuss taking in a merger from a smaller guild provided a majority of its members meet our requirements.

▫️ Raid Time: Launch Immediately (typically 7pm CST); 24H join period
▫️ Raid Tier: HPit Sim, HAAT (close to Sim), HSTR farm, eventual focus on prep for Krayt
▫️ DS Geo: 11 ⭐ (12+ War shards)
▫️ LS Geo: 7 ⭐
▫️ LS Hoth: 33 ⭐
▫️ TW Record: 49-4 (Just ended a 33 win streak! 💪 ) We punch up something serious.
▫️ Organized and competitive TW strategy
▫️ Organized TB strategy for maximum reward efficiency

What we require:
▫️ Minimum 3 mil GP
▫️ 1 GL (or mid-late farm), or 1 GL ship (or mid-late farm)
▫️ Wat ready Geos
▫️ Discord MANDATORY; Max 10 DSL
▫️ MANDATORY participation in TB and TW
▫️ Synced swgoh.gg account
▫️ Daily 600 raid tickets
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