Join Aesirs Rage!

We are looking for member with a minimum of 500k gp.
Must be active. (400 raid tickets a day).
Must participate in all guild events.
Learn grow and have fun.
My ally code is 625-939-589
You can also search for AesirsRage
See you there!


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    Join us!
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    About to start another raid. Join us!
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    We need 8 more members.
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    Mergers welcome. We will do a merger if you join us.
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    Join now!!!!
    Minimum 500k gp
    400 tickets every day (Minimum)
    Participate in ALL guild events.
    We understand we all have lives, jobs, and families, let me or an officer know ow if you won't be on for a few days.
    Missing 3 days without letting us know will result in removal. We can't have members missing multiple days (not getting tickets to raid) then show up on raid days.
    We try to make everything as fair of opportunities as we can.
    If you can handle that this is the guild for you.
    We would love to have you join the team!
    We currently use in game chat, but we are starting to move to discord.
    Discord would be a huge plus. ( not required, YET).
    See you there!
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    Come and join the crew.
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    We have a good core group of 11 members. As along as you are active come join us.
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    Must have at least 1 7* character.
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    We are growing. C9me and join us
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    Search Aesirs Rage and hit join tab or send me a message.
    My Ally code is 625-939-589
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    300k gp and up please
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