Fighting Mongoose - 320M Close-Knit Guild Seeking 1 - COME JOIN THE WAMPA DANCE PARTY

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Fighting Mongoose is a laid-back but active, 320m gp guild when full. We are looking for a new member with 5m gp or more to replace a departing member.

What is laid back but active? We treat you like an adult, don’t count your tickets, and don’t force farm but everybody participates and logs on daily. We generate around 26k tickets per day collectively, so everyone puts in their share but we won’t grind you to death or count individual tickets. That said, we do expect daily participation.

We don’t belong to larger alliance although we share a discord with a small guild where several of us have alts (and you can put your alt there too!). We have a core group that’s been together for a long time, and we’ve created a great environment to play the game. We’re going to stay together and continue to grow. We’re different. We really believe that.

We have 90+ GLs in the guild and more on the way soon.

Before the raid changes, we farmed CPIT. We’ll see what we do in the new raid structure when it opens! We participate in all heroic raids at regular times and give everyone a 24-hour window to sign up in advance so that no member is left behind. We sim hpit and haat. We alternate the Hsith raid start time between a US and European friendly time. We are all ROTE now and do 21 stars - one of the lowest gp guilds in the game to do that many (just look around at the 400m guilds advertising on here that do only a star or 2 more! Our guild reset time is 630 ET, and we have a discord (that’s totally optional!).

For more information, please reach out to me (in-game at JE Dawg: 371-755-846 or discord at JE Dawg#7894) or visit our guild’s page at:

We are looking for participation. But we all have jobs and realize that there will be days where you won’t contribute 600 tickets and maybe even won’t log into the game at all. Come join us for a laid-back environment where you can still advance.

Come join the Wampa Dance Party!
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