Profundity issue

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Hello, longtime player 5 plus years and have never been so frustrated with the game mode. Just tried 15 more times and I killed one ship total in all those tries. Profundity got a max of 35 percent ultimate by the time I was killed off.
Total 27 attempts today on stage 1 and I never got close. Still have no shards. **** is broken. I feel I should have went for JMK not this poop 💩 ship. My Executor makes me in top 5 each time I climb.
So venting over LOL I Tried all the YouTuber strategies and nothing works.
Rage against CG or has anyone heard of bugs with this? Or do I need to relic higher the basic reqs? Do all the pilots and Raddus need their zetas?

What am I missing??? My guild mate has less gear on his pilots and unlocked profundity today.

If CG reads this please comment.

Thank you


  • Ultra
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    What is there for CG to comment? it’s a player issue if your guild mate with less gear is able to do better

    A video of your attempt? Easiest way is to do this is to have a stream on discord with a guild member
  • Ultra wrote: »
    What is there for CG to comment?

    "Lol, git gud Scrub."
  • Try bitdinasty's video. It makes this a walk in the park
  • Franke
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    That event is very rng heavy, i hear many has difficulties with it. Try bitdynastys guide on Youtube. Upgrading pilots is also a good start. Give as many pilots as possible 6 dot mods before you get in the fight and MTFBWY!
  • OP, watch some video or ask a friend who knows how to unlock to help streaming with you. It is RNG for sure, but win rate should be above 50% or even higher if you play it the right way.
  • Oink
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    Thanks for the advice from those who were nice.

    @Ultra I tried all the YouTubers recommendations and Bitdynasty was the first I followed.
    Your game mode for profundity is unsupportive of the time invested in getting the reqs if in 27 tries you can not beat more then one ship.

    I am not a bad player I am in Kyber 3-4 could be in 2 if I actually tried but don't spend my life on this game

    Just saying tell CG to stop requiring so much high reqs and then have a mode that is so difficult you need to relic higher to beat. if you don't have a chance to beat with said reqs then just give the real reqs to have a 75 percent success rate.

  • Ultra
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    Video of your runs?
  • Oink
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    @ultra I do not make videos of gaming playing. Lol..
    And I even if I wanted to I have to wait a month. Just read my last message about stating proper reqs. It should have 75 percent success rate. We bust butt trying to get reqs only to get disgusted the reqs are not good enough. Lol
    This is the first time I felt like quitting. CG needs to start taking into consideration of how it runs this game. I am not going to worry about profundity My executor is top 5 so I get my crystals daily.
    I assume you are connected to CG, just pass the message on.
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    The larger point, is that you shouldn't spend months and potentially hundreds of dollars preparing for an event, to be greeted by a hair-tearing-out inducing RNG fest. It's just not fun. There's a lot of unlock events like this...
  • Oink
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    @KDC99X truth. Thank you for that comment.
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