do u need to pay to get anywhere or is it as it said ,i know buying packs and a hat help but no t ai

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as above same different box but use guys know that if u know ur looking me of us that don’t hav cash for packs t proceed like those who do and if u do it’s not cheap u can literally spend hundreds of pounds just to upgrade ur team with new garentee spelling is not my bag , but ur team may b no better off than before so again i say is it fair only paying people can advance the way u want should skill and persistence not count i love the s game bud t ive come basically to a stale mate where if i don’t pay i. ant proceeded hit me back acolytes

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    You can compete in raids, conquest, arenas, GAC, TB without paying for anything in this game

    All paying does is speed up time, you need to be patient and diligent otherwise
  • I have spent few houndred dollars on this game in over 7 years now, with the amount of fun i recived from this game it was definitely worth it to me, and no you dont have to spend money to get anywhere, this isnt a race its a marathon, you log in everyday and do your daily missions, do your tb/tw/gac, you log in and collect your bonus energy and before you know it, it has been a year and your roster has grown by 1.5 mil GP and you got a new GL in there too
  • It’s possible to compete at a good level without paying. You just need patience and to know you won’t have every new toy as soon as the payers. Still, good things come to those who wait and prepare appropriately.

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  • All you need is time and to not need to be #1. If you need to be #1, you will need a disgusting amount of money. Otherwise, just time. A lot of time.
  • Same as all the above. You don't need money to be good, you just need patience. If you want the newest things as soon as they come out, yes you will need to spend. Otherwise, just have good farming plans and be focused on your next goal so you don't get distracted and thrown off course
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    Yeah, time, a farming plan and diligence.
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    Get a good gaming chair, will solve all your problems.

    ^ this. I was just a normal player. I got a gaming chair and now I have 2 GLs.
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