Why the updates always be timed in the offensive phase of the GAC?

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Is this some inside joke? This happens almost all the time!
I mean, it's ok that a warning comes a few hours before the forced restart, but people tend to forget that.
And just so you know: the system always waits until we start the battle in GAC, and only then informs that "client must be restarted". And then there is nothing you can do.
And this means that the battle counts as a loss, the sent team cannot be reused, and the defending team is otherwise intact and undamaged.
So why is the forced update always happens in the offensive phase? Why not during the defense setling phase? Or after the GAC? Then it wouldn't bother anyone!


  • TVF
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    It has been a very long time since I have had a battle interruption. It always happens now either when I try to get in to battle or after the battle is posted.
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  • Olderaan
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    Anyway, we can perhaps agree that the timing of the updates could be at another time period, not during the attack phase. GAC is too important.
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    I was attacking in GAC when it happened and my victory counted as normal.
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    The attack phase is 24hrs just avoid doing gac in the time it says its about to update
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