Banned for what?

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My account has blocked in this morning. Can anyone help me with this issue? My ally code is 717-644-339
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  • Have you been cheating lol
  • So many being banned. Even if you cheat once over a year ago you will get banned. Loads of people like you are today and 99.99999999% are cheaters.
  • It would seem likely that you, as with the other tranche of players banned today, have probably cheated in pve, and are finally getting your comeuppance. I have no sympathy.

    Now, if you really did nothing wrong then you should pm @CG_Leviathan to appeal. If, however, your play has been less than clean then please don’t bother. It’s just wasting their time. If you cheated they will have the proof.
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    Your appeal has been resolved!

    If you are still banned, you need to reach out and PM @CG_Leviathan for the details on the specific instance that got you banned!
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    If you cheated they will have the proof.

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