Crit Damage or Offense for Bouschh?

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Hey everybody,

So it’s my understanding that not all thermal detonators are created equal… they all do damage based around different metrics for different characters. That is, a thermal from Scavenger is not the same as one from Greedo is not the same as one from Bouschh.

Is there a comprehensive list someplace that lists how damage is calculated for all the toons that can apply them?

I’m working towards Jabba and mapping out my mods. Curious if Crit Damage or Offense triangle makes more sense for Bouschh. Thanks in advance to all the provide help


  • crzydroid
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    Thermals do max health % damage, though they can crit. So the sets would only affect the damage she does with her blaster.

    EDIT: Based on the assumption that the crit damage set doesn't affect the Thermal crits, which I'm assuming since the targets are damaging themselves.
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