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Okay iv got a couple options... I could pull deca to g13+ and add his zeta or add mara to 7* and g12 or so or add range to my imp troopers rather than shore at g12 or 11... basically all r r5 or above but if u wanna glance it's 363-448-974... I'd like to finish within the next month to get it done next time if possible... thanks for the assistance and any help would be much appreciated


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    Um. What?
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    Ok .. slightly intoxicated but for ewoks ab which is gonna be better... I keep running imp troopers and vader and losing but I'm unsure which is gonna make most sense to gear up in order to beat it... I did imp troopers and did the second one but still can't beat this one and my droids r good but clearly not good enough... adding mara to empire would clearly allow me to run a train to beat high damage ewoks but unsure which would be best
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    @Nrm53 Your best bet is Veers, Range, Gideon, Piett and Dark/Starck. I managed to 3* CT3 of the assault battle with this lot where Veers, Range, Gideon and Starck were only r3 and Piett was r5 (what was needed for SEE reqs), but the relic levels can be lower with dark trooper in place of Starck.

    Basically the strategy is: survive to get a turn, and hope they target Piett so he counters to get TM on everyone, then just keep riding the TM train through to the end. Gideon is very useful if you can time his mass assist as he can reduce the ewok TM to 0% and if you get a kill then Veers unique leaves all your troopers on 100% TM. It's supposed to be easier with Dark rather than Starck as his damage can get ridiculous, and he can take some punishment in the initial salvos without dying, but Starck also works with his passive TM manipulation thanks to his unique and the occasional stagger.

    TLDR - You NEED Veers, Piett, Range (for the assists). Then three from Gideon (almost a lock), Starck and Dark. The more zetas the better, and don't forget the same team can 3* CT3 for the rebel roundup AB too, so they're worth the investment. (When modded correctly they can get 6-10% in P2 or P3 of CPit too).
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    Iv almost gotten range to 7* and g12... imma try it with him... I can get a tm train kinda going without him and with vader but can't keep it going long enough... not even close on Gideon and dark but could invest in them if I had to... and ya I knew they could do well in cpit but didn't realize it was that well but sadly that's about to become obsolete
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