Will I be unbanned?

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When will I be unbanned? I texted "@CG_Leviathan" and "@CG_LucifersDaddy", no response. My appeal has been resolved. Or do I have to wait a few days to get unbanned? If the ban was for a reason, then you can at least find out the reason, otherwise I myself am interested.
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    Never, in all likelihood. You probably cheated in a PVE mode like everyone else who has seemingly been banned recently. You will get no sympathy from any of the community that play fairly.

    If your play has genuinely been cheat-free then you’ll have to wait for one of the people you mentioned to get back to you. If you cheated, they’ll have the evidence so don’t even bother to waste their time.
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    My crystal ball says the reason is cheating and the rolvement is that you stay banned. In case I'm wrong and you get unbanned, I'd assume they don't work weekends.
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    If I cheated, I wouldn't ask for the fact that I was banned
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    Slesh wrote: »
    If I cheated, I wouldn't ask for
    then i guess this thread has no purpose

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