Kit Reveal: Cal Kestis



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    And wow, an omicron that does nothing on its own. Making the fulcrim one effectively a double cost omicron with team restrictions.

    Right, an omi that does nothing on its own except:

    "UNIQUE 1: I'm Persistent (Zeta)(Omicron)
    Final Text: At the start of battle, all Unaligned Force Users gain 30% Max Health and 30% Tenacity. Whenever an ally is critically hit, they and Cal recover 5% Health and Protection. If the ally is also a Light or Dark Side Unaligned Force User they and Cal gain Protection Up (10%, stacking, max 50%) for 2 turns.

    For each Special ability used by each other character, Cal gains a stack of Persistence, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented. If an opponent takes the first turn in an encounter, Cal gains 15 stacks of Persistence.

    Persistence: At the start of his turn, Cal does the following based on the number of stacks of Persistence that he has:
    - 10+ stacks: He and all Unaligned Force User allies gain Foresight for 2 turns
    - 20+ stacks: He and all Unaligned Force User allies gain Defense Up and Protection Up (30%) for 2 turns
    - 30 stacks: He inflicts Ability Block and Buff Immunity on all enemies for 2 turns, which can't be evaded or resisted, and all allies gain 50% Turn Meter, this effect is doubled for Light Side Unaligned Force Users; stacks of Persistence are reset"

    Yeah, nothing on its own, at all.

    This is what the omicron does:
    While in Territory Wars and there is an ally Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) with an upgraded Omicron: Ahsoka's solo Omicron effects are no longer disabled when she has allies; this effect persists through defeat.

    The rest is his unique, which does not require the omicron upgrade to do.

    Right you are. I'm a dummy. However, still worth the omicron. Anyone who's been running Fulcrum solo in TW could tell you that allowing her omicron to exist with a full squad is going to make her ridiculously dangerous--on offense or defense.
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