Cal Kestis Community Questions w/ Dev Answers

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Are all required units for the upcoming Cal Kestis Hero's Hourney going to be required at G12, 7* only?


At the start of his Turn, if he has 30 stacks of Persistence, does he also gain the benefits of 10 and 20 stacks, or just 30 stacks?

These effects are cumulative. If Cal has 30 stacks of Persistence, he will also gain the benefits of 10 and 20.

Since it does nothing on its own, Is Cal's Omicron upgrade going to be cheaper?

No, the cost of the Omicron upgrade is no different from any other Omicron upgrade.

Why is his lightsaber blue? Orange lightsaber Cal is the best and lightsaber customization was a huge part of fallen order

While the game had a lot of fun customizations, we used what is official for the character to represent him.

Cere’s kit has specific language to it exclude GLs, Cal’s does not. Does Rey also receive the UFU bonuses outlined in Cal’s unique?

Yes, she does get those bonuses.

I understand using his omicron to improve fulcrums and allow her to be apart of the team, but could Cal get a minor own benefit from his omicron? Like activate fulcrums omi in a full squad, plus Cal gets 100% more hp.

We really wanted to create a powerful home for an UFU squad, and a key part to that squad was Fulcrum. However, her Omicron is very powerful (especially when she gets to have allies), and giving Cal even more on his own started to take him outside of the scope of what we would expect for a marquee character.

Just to clarify, if Cal Kestis dies, Ahsoka’s Omicron will still be enabled?

Yes, if Cal is defeated, Ahsoka’s solo Omicron effects will still be enabled. Since players have to have the Ahsoka Omicron upgraded in order to use this, we didn’t want it to feel punishing to take her into battle with a squad if Cal was defeated before she got a chance to use it.

Will a lot of the upgrading involve unlocking the thresholds in the abilities? (Also, is BD-1 the Relic?)

With Cal’s Basic, the health thresholds are a part of the ability upgrade path. The thresholds for Persistence, however, are unlocked at the same tier.

BD-1 is indeed the relic!

Does the overhead slash animation change for each extra attack, like some of the chain moves you can do in the game?

No, it doesn’t change for each extra attack.

Did you test Cal Kestis with GL Rey? Because his unique seems....problematic with her

Ultimately, Cal did alright on GL Rey’s squad but didn’t feel like he was moving the needle enough to replace any of her existing allies. There were other squads combinations where he created a more notable difference in win rates, and felt like a better part of the team. Ideally, though, Cal does best with Cere.

Where is Greez? Also… Why is Greez?

Greez took the Mantis in to get the sofa cleaned and treated, because it really is hard to get oil stains out of Potolli-weave fabric.

While it's appreciated an attempt to move away from the dreadful speed requirement, won’t it leave Cal's team too slow to ACTUALLY take a turn before they're looped to death?

When Cal is on his ideal squad under Cere, they’ll gain Turn Meter whenever an UFU ally is damaged by an enemy attack. This allows Cere to build up her damage, and gives Cal 15+ stacks (depending on how many enemy Special abilities are used) to ensure that his team starts mitigating damage through Foresight, Defense Up, and Protection Up and he then gets the ball rolling for his team to continue to take turns through Speed buffs and debuffs.

If Cal is called to attack out of turn and is at the 40% health threshold, will he still attack three times or only once?

Once, twice, three times an Overhead Slash. Even on assists.

Why use health rather than protection thresholds on his basic? Once a character reaches about 90% health it is pretty easy for many characters to one-shot them. It seems rare that Cal will benefit from those thresholds.

We wanted this ability to feel like the more you backed Cal into a corner, the more desperate he became in his resolve to get out of it. During testing, there were several instances in which that second and third strike won the day. That said, Cal’s strength isn’t in his attack, he’s not a damage dealer. Cal is a support, and his true strength lies in his utility abilities and his impact on the pace of the battle.
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