Shipments to be reset

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Is there any plans to change shipments to update the new chars that have been released?
The majority of everything I am offered is either at max shards, or I have thousands ready to be cashed into relic gear.
Would be nice to have more options rather than just converting in the shard shop.


  • No plans for that.
  • The shipments as they are form part of the pathway to various journey guide events, and other parts of the game. Once you are done with them, they start converting to shard shop currency.

    If they changed what is in the shipments, it would change the early player path, maybe even take some of those paths away.
  • scuba
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    They have said multiple times they are not changing.
  • It would be nice if they change once every character in it was 7*. It would differ for each person, but the gear would remain the same.
  • Once you're done with shipments, you get Shard Shop Currency, which can then be turned into Relics.

    That's it.
    Hello there.
  • It does kind of suck though. I get why they won't change it but I'd love for them to replace 1 toon from at least galactic war. I like shard shop currency too but would love to be able to farm someone from currency that's not guild event tokens.
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