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    I used to play a mobile football management game, Hattrick, which was run from servers in Sweden.

    Twice a year they put out a little memo explaining that their clocks were set to change in a few days, and that would have an effect across the game.

    It seems perfectly reasonable to expect the devs to do this in swgoh.

    I love how a handful of users insist that it’s easy to understand what has happened, even though it usually turns out their understanding of what has happened is wrong.

    CG is quiet the majority of time yet people expect them to make an announcement like that? Good luck!
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    I still see no problem in trying to raise a fair request. If there would be an ingame message, it would in no way diminish or worsen anyone's playing experience but would actually help the international community.

    I would expect to see an in-game notification around the same time as they release fleet load-outs and feat counters.
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    Hmmm... CG uses epoch times stamps for everything, which is based off of UTC so they are not moving start times or end times. Should only move if your time changes locally. Maybe they messed up on the last one. I will pull the timestamps later and see.
    It’s not just GAC though. Events launch at 8am for me year round, apart from the short spells between US clock changes and UK clock changes, when they launch at 7am.

    This actually worked to my advantage though, as the day the US clocks had changed there were 2 events that had a bonus hour - pieces and plans and (I think) Executrix fleet mastery. I was able to run both again for extra rewards - as would have been the case for anyone in a country where clocks had not changed.

    CG doesn't change start/stop times though. As was said it is you changing your local time and CG not following you when you do it.
    Yes they did - and it happens every year.

    Uk clocks have not changed. GAC phases have started at 10pm for months, but this current round start time was 9pm. That’s not as a result of my time zone changing, but the CG servers changing.

    On the plus side it does resync when the UK clocks change next week.
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