Kit Idea Suggestion: Yaddle

I really like Yaddle's character and I tried to do a kit for her, please help me with improving my kit idea, thanks.

Alignment: Light Side
Category: Support, Galactic Republic, Jedi, Leader

Basic: Swift Strike
Deals damage to the target enemy and gains Speed Up for 2 turns. If Yaddle already have Speed Up, grants it to all allies that doesn't have it for 2 turns. If Yaddle assists, also drains an additional 15% maximum health from the target enemy.

Special: Morichro (2 turn cooldown)
Inflicts unique debuff Morichro for the rest of the battle. This skill's cooldown is set to max and cannot be reduced when all enemies are inflicted with Morichro.
Decrease Speed by 20%, deals true damage equivalent to the target's 15% maximum health during its turn. Speed decreases by an additional 1% per 1.5% health lost. Healing efficiency decreased by 75%. Yaddle also gains extra Speed equivalent to 100% speed drained by this skill. Cannot be dispelled or prevented.

Special: Wise Words (3 turn cooldown)
Heals all allies by 50% maximum health. All allies also gain Health Steal Up for 2 turns.

Leader: Wise Master Jedi
All allies have extra 45% Defense, maximum health and maximum Protection. For each active ally on the battlefield all allies also gains extra 25% Offense. If any ally uses a skill, Yaddle is called to assist, dealing 15% lesser damage. If any ally is defeated, Yaddle revives them at 50% maximum health if Yaddle have at least 45% Protection.

Unique: Ancient Arts Adaption
Yaddle can be benefitted from all abilities. Whenever Yaddle benefits from an abilities (including her own), she gains 5% Offense (stacking, up to 200%).

Unique: Sensitive Instincts
Each time an unit gains bonus turn meter, Yaddle gains the same amount of turn meter. Whenever Yaddle takes damage, she gains Foresight for 1 turn and Retribution for 1 turn when Foresight is triggered or expired.

I really like the wise Jedi Master Yaddle and her appearance in Tales of the Jedi, so I made this kit idea and I wish to get some feedbacks. Thanks.


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