Traya Omicron Not Working?

Has anyone else had trouble with the traya Omicron against LS GLs? Since the nerf that targeted dark side GLs has happened, I've noticed when taking trio in against Rey and JML both the bonus protection and offense don't seem to stack, and the bonus turn when someone falls below 90% isn't proccing. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong gameplay-wise for this to be the case.


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    There's no bonus turn for dropping below 90% health. The cooldowns get reset, but there was never a bonus turn as far as I remember. The other stuff could be a bug. If you can you should record a battle and then submit a bug report.
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    I've just looked it up myself, yeah I completely misinterpreted how that bit works. The offense and protection for getting debuffed should still be proccing though, and that's what keeps them alive, and it just isn't. If I get a JML or a Rey in my GAC this last round I'll try record it. Thanks!
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