the pit and raid only gear vs new raid

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Currently I get most if not all my raid only gear from the pit(sim):

MK 5 CEC fusion furnace salvage
MK 6 Nubian design tech salvage
MK 6 merr-son thermal detonators
ML 6 CEC fusion furnace salvage
MK 7 nubian security scanners

With the new changes to raid and new raid incoming where am I gonna get these raid only gear?
If I understand correctly you can only summon 1(one) raid @ a time.
For arguments sake, lets assume I need 500 mk5 cec furnace salvage for SLKR event and I only have 220
The guild i'm in only summon the new raid.
Will I get the pit plus sith triumphant gear plus new raid gear.
or do I have to quit guild go to beginner guild and participate in the pit to get the pit only gear i need for example mk5 cec fusion furnace salvage until I have enough and then return to previous guild?
Thank you in advance

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  • The point i'm trying to make its NOT "the pit" only gear but raid only gear.
    You should get the above mentioned gear in ALL raids no matter the name of the raid if it is "the pit", "tank takedown", "sith triumvirate" or "Krayt Dragon".
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