Sorry, Sim Tickets

I, DarthGolfer7, am still relatively new to the game. (Year and a few months) However, I have currently almost 50K sim tickets.. I see on most Message boards that it would be hard to get rid of sim tickets all together.. But is there a way to make sim tickets worth something.
In Featured Shipments, every Six Hours you may trade/convert (30 crystals) for (20 Sim tickets)
Would it be possible to make (20 sim tickets) worth.. Say (10,000 Credits) which in the same way every Six Hours you may trade/convert them?


  • Once you play the game longer, sim tickets will no longer be an issue.

    Credit exchange sounds innocent enough but it would give players far too many credits… at your exchange rate I’d max out on credits very easily
  • Hi DarthGolfer7. That’s a nice idea but I’m afraid it assumes a level of philanthropy on the part of CG that the evidence doesn’t tend to support. There’s a reason they’ve made over a billion dollars from the game.

    Generally the tendency is for all in game currencies to devalue as you move through the game (& CG introduce new ones periodically rather than revalue existing ones) - so it’s unlikely they’d do something so akin to quantitative easing as boosting sim tickets like this.

    The good news is that you’ll soon pretty much forget sim tickets are even a thing.
  • TVF
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    R10 will require 3 million sim tickets.
    The CGDF requests that CG takes away everyone's Extra Life Charity Event rewards. We don't deserve them.
  • I use sim tickets everyday. I hope they don’t get rid of them… if the exchange rate is too high for 10,000 credits per 20 sim tickets. Then 1,000 per 20 sim tickets. Although featured shipments only refresh’s every six hours it would take years to get 1 million credits out of sim tickets
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