Bad batch assault battle military might

Has anyone tried a reliced bad batch team for the assault battle military might?
I got R5 501st clones + R5 cody and can only beat CT1.

I know a CLS team is the best and easiest way to beat CT3 in military might, but I wish to know if it is possible with a reliced bad batch team?


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    I was able to beat ct2. I didnt get out of 1/8 once in around 50 try in ct3. My echo is around 334 speed, which is slow for echo . .. my BB is r5.
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    Atleast better than my 501st clones. Suppose cls is the way to go beat it at CT3 without overinvest.
  • Vendi1983
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    You pretty much need the TM gain from CLS lead to be able to clear it, so that you can jump in and interrupt their insane speed on wave 1. After that it's all about out running them through TM gains.
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    You would need 2000 kyros for the entire bad batch team. Meanwhile you only need 750 kyros for the entire CLS team. Also, I dont know how many zetas they need to Apply to be valid.

    Compared to CLS or other Journey toons they kind of fall behind. Only being a req for Lord Vader.
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