No Live PvP, but what about customized PvP 1.5

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Live PvP probably won't make it to this game in this century, I get it. But what can be done to spice up the current PvP modes, where pretty much every team-comb soon or later gets decoded and RNG-resistent counters become available on It seems this is something real, looking at people complaining about monotony in GAC.

But what if you as player is given the power to manipulate the pre-defined AI on certain characters to behave differently on defense than what they are prescribed to do now?

For example, what if the game allows you to customize the sequence of how certain characters on your defense team use their specials? Thinking further, what if you can customize which target a certain character shall prioritize when using a special?

CAT on a JMK defense team for example could be "told" to use TM swap first instead of force-leap. Rey could be "told" to always use life blood to protect Ben Solo if available. Maul on a LV team could be "told" to use first basic always on CAT if there is one on the enemy team. It could prevent certain counters, but might also open doors to others.

What is your opinion on such a feature? Do you think this, if properly introduced, could make PvP more interesting or would this generate frustrations on a similar scale like the recent dodge-meta?

And just to complete the business case for CG. To make this feature more exclusive, a new limited currency/material can be introduced, which needs to be acquired to perform such a customization on a character.


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    That is a great idea, and one I think everyone has already been thinking. A great example is SEE as he is incredibly weak on defence but strong on attack, why because depending on his allies and sequence can determine the win.
    SEE with armourer, thrawn and sith trooper can guarantee a win over Rey and SLKR even on auto (IF) armourer attacks before thrawn and gains 3 stacks, thrawn then gives armourer 100% TM then armourer gives 3 stacks to SEE. As soon as SEE has 3 stacks of beskar you can auto the match.
    SEE would be a way more effective GL and I wouldnt keep dropping 100 positions on squad battles and then climbing just as fast.

    Live battles would be real nice, but with customised sequences it’s gives a more personal touch to the “online” element of the game.
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    Game already requires enough of my time, no thank you.
    I need a new message here.
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    Interesting idea, but would take a lot of work to implement.
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    I mean they had that in a way with ships release. Reinforcements where called in the order you set them. Than CG said that was way to much control for the players and said no the AI will determine what order they where called in (CG didn't actually say that, however they did change it so the player didn't have control over reinforcement order because)

    So don't see it happening.
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    We can't even have practice battles against our own guild mates' rosters. Whatever the merits of OP's post, I think it incredibly unlikely anything like this will happen.

    But fair enough for the idea though.
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