Debuff dispel I'm missing in ship battles?

Question - When I'm doing a mirror match with Executor/HT/XB/RC and the enemy team reinforces or uses a special ability, all of their debuffs are wiped clean from their team, but nothing for my guys.
Is there a hidden mechanic I'm not familiar with? It's been turning up a LOT more often the last two weeks.


  • Executor's Unique - "Vader's Bounty" means whenever an ally applies breach to an enemy, they dispel all debuffs on themselves.

    Combined with Razor Crest's Unique which means other allies apply unresisted breach whenever they use a special.

    Do you not have all your ship abilities maxed?
  • I do have them all maxed.
  • Hm. Well, thank you for pointing this out, I'll have to look into this and find out what the root problem is. Extremely aggravating.
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