Smugglers Run 2

What is it with you guys and making all events so difficult to beat. You say minimum of R3 and recommend R5 and I have R7 for my Hutt cartel squad and still can’t even get through the first level without getting completely destroyed by the other team.


  • LordDirt
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    At R7 you should be able to sim it after the first two or three plays. Have to use Jabba's Crime Lord and Krrsantan's ferocious Fusillade.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid?
  • el_mago
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    After I got my team up to R6-ish, I didn't have much more of an issue with it. It does take an inordinately long time to get through the 1st encounter, but after that it's pretty easy. I feel the rewards are rather good, too, so keep at'll get it eventually.
  • I actually like that it is an event that is too difficult to just click auto (right away), but is not too difficult that its frustrating lol. Key for me is getting the contract asap and letting Krys soak up the damage. Once contract is filled its pretty easy. I usually stick with Jabba's basic after that so can Rancor more often. I use Standard Jabba team: Jabba/Krys/Bouush/land/Embo
  • 1. Covert Coordination (from skiff guard) on BK
    2. Profit
  • It would be nice if we could sim it after 3 starring it.
  • It is very doable once you have ultimate, but it is a pain that this is not simmable.

    It is really a shame that Smugglers Run I isnt simmable after 5 years.
  • Sad it's not simmable (or at least autoplayable)
    It's long and boring, with enemies having too much health and resistance...
    Absolutely not fun spending 15+ minutes beating it twice
  • EdSolo
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    The key is getting Jabba's contract. I was having a devil of a time just trying to take out certain toons and relying on rng. Then I actually looked what it took to trigger Jabba's contract and it went much smoother from there. I don't have an ultimate Jabba yet, and haven't reliced toons beyond their requirements to get Jabba.
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