Procs on assist and counter attacks?

Hi all,
Just wondering whether its worth to invest in some kind of assist/counter team. Have to know whether main attack effects (e.g. Stun off Dooku/Old Daka and multi attack on Tie fighter/Dooku) trigger off assists and counters.

Help is much appreciated :)


  • I can confirm that you get the occasional Daka and Dooku stun from an assist attack, so I assume all basic attacks with proc skills work the same way.
  • Yes effects trigger off of assists but not counter attacks. Well they do trigger on counters but then they immediately end.

    I use Phasma with Vader, Daka, Ventriss, and Sid. The enemy team is covered in stuns and and debuffs!
  • Ok thanks for that, and how about additional attacks on an assist (e.g. Tie Fighter Pilot and Dooku). I saw this occurred before but now I dont see it happen anymore. Any confirmation?
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