Pvp is kind of boring

Hey guys,

Since the being of this game I have been running top 20 on my server for the longest time for pvp. Before the droids took over and now the jedis moving up and down everyone with different ranks. But personally I find it to be very boring now because every single deck has qui jon, poe, doku, luminara, yoda, ren, oh all the same droids but different orders. Like why don't they mix it up where we can start playing with more cards so when you face somebody your not getting hit like 25x continously by doku or ren. I refused to get them or even play them because they are very cheesy cards. I even talked to reps from EA and the guys like yeah all I see is them and can't even move ranks. Its a very boring game right now. I think they need to add new cards faster to change it up alittle so players have more to play with or find a way to make it alittle more interesting not even just for me but for others. But thats how i'm seeing pvp right now. Also for new cards like grievace they make him almost impossible to obtain but jedis so easily. Like every deck is all jedis unless doku or ren or poe are running with them. Not everyone want to be jedis or wanna see new cards and not unnnrrr. Let me know what all your thoughts are?


  • The last two weeks I seen acouple players on my server and gave them alot of respect for trying to use like a 4 star veer or different cards and I started to do the same too. It gives the game way more strategy too. Right now its just counters like 3 or 4 cards so when you strike they all kill you right after. Or poe going first so your dead before you get your turn, etc. There is no strategy or even brains needed to play this game anymore right now. They capped the lvl at 70 for the longest time to make it fair which I agreed with and make it more competitive so players like me have waited but now after weeks long of the update many days I don't even do the events because pvp and that galactic war except for afew creative players out there experimenting its almost the same decks as pvp so galactic war is also a waste of time to play too. You can barely even get to or past halfway now. I hope they get some more players thoughts and what you all think and let me know how you all feel on this?
  • Since it already takes so much time and resources to level up our characters it would be nice if some weren't extra hard to obtain. Like if every toon was in GW shipments and maybe credits were more scarce we could really choose wisely to craft or team.
    Also droid teams are trash. I usually kill 3 in the first round and never lose to them.
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