Update 4/12/2023

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

Here are today's update notes!

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  • The issue where Using Heroic stand on Clone Commander in TB after all other units have been defeated results in Clone Commander becoming undefeatable has been fixed
  • Updated Ninth Sister's description to match functionality that the Damage Over Time effects of her Special 1 can't be resisted
  • Updated Lord Vader's Ultimate description to clarify some of the ultimate charge he gains comes from him being the Leader (this is a description update only and has no gameplay impact).
  • Reminded Trench to be a team player. Fixed issue where Trench's Special ability, "Net Positive", was not calling more than one non-Droid Separatist ally to assist on the Zeta tier.
  • Fixed a bug where Nute Gunray's leader would not dispel buffs on enemies with Extortion
  • Fixed a bug where TIE Reaper was not removing the correct turn meter amount with Heavy Interference at rank 6.
  • Fixed an issue where SEE would get marked by the data disk
  • Reminded Admiral Trench that he may be a strategic genius, but he still has to play by the rules. Characters should no longer be afflicted by Fear from Trench's unique if Trench is dead when they first lose Protection.
  • Fixed an issue where Traya wouldn't properly get deathmarked by Reva's Omicron


As mentioned in this post the team investigated the player reports of Poggle The Lesser and have made an adjustment to their kit.

While in Territory Wars if there are no galactic legends and all allies are Geonosian: At the start of battle and the first time an ally is summoned, Geonosian allies gain Geonosian Brood until the end of battle or until they are defeated, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented.
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