Conquest Pass Update

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

We wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone who participated in our Conquest Survey, we greatly appreciate all your feedback.

While we continue to work through your feedback we wanted to make some quick adjustments for the next conquest.

In the upcoming Conquest, we have moved some rewards of the paid Conquest Passes to the beginning of the track! After winning one battle, the Normal difficulty track will award 10 Trench character shards, 2 Omicron Ability Materials, and various amounts of Gear Salvage. The Hard difficulty track will include all of the Normal track items and will also reward 10 Fury-Class Interceptor blueprints, 25 Deboss Materials, and 25 Downlink Materials.

The amount of rewards will be the same, we have just adjusted where you get those rewards from the Conquest Pass.

This is the first of many potential changes we will be making based on the feedback you all provided. We wanted to make sure you were aware of our adjustments as future Conquests may have different reward structures as we continue to test things out.

Thank you again, see you on the Holotable!
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