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I'm a new player, and after a few days of gaming, I quickly realized the importance of having an active guild to progress with.
I've quit the default one, to join one that wasn't great, join another that was way too high level for me, and still looking for the perfect one.
This has really made the game unwelcoming to me, and probably to a lot of other players.
The thing is, I played multiple games like this one, and I'm surprised to see how the Guild search system has been made here. It's probably the worst I've ever seen to be honest...
And well, I'm a developer, and the changes needed to make it better looks pretty easy, so I really don't understand...

Anyway, here's a list of things I would highly suggest:

- A column showing an indice of activity should be visible, probably the sum of "Daily Raid Tickets Produced" of all members.

- The recommanded guilds list should only show guilds that meet these requirements:
* Not be full (seems to be done)
* Be "Open to Join"
* Not having a "Level Required" higher than your current level

- The list should be showing in priority:
* Active guilds
* Guilds that corresponds to your current progression (Guild GP / Members = Your current GP)

With all that, the research would be much easier, and the "Advanced Search" button would become totally obsolete in my opinion.
We could think that this button is actually the current solution for the issues that I'm facing, but far from it:
- You can look for a minimum GP, but not for a maximum, ending up showing you only guilds with 100M+...
- The list of guilds showed is also very limited, not allowing you much possibilities
- And you have no way to see if any guild in the list will actually allow you to join, because of the minimum requirement level.

Well, I could explain more of the situation, and provide more solutions, there's room for it.
Also, I'm a developer, so EA, if you want, I'll fix it myself for you hehe
But for now, I'm just hoping for a progress, cause it's really sad for all new players...


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    The current Guild search/application UI is a real disaster.
    - So many results say "open to join" then when you click them it's impossible due to level requirement. That should have been the most obvious filter to include by default...
    - Even with "include full guilds: off" you get some full guilds in the results.
    - Many guilds show "??????" characters in their titles or descriptions when they use some locale-specific character. You either have different users using different locales/encodings (absurd to not use unicode in this day and age) or have proper unicode support on the guild edit screen but not on the guild search screen?
    - To find active ones you have to look at the members list by tokens at the right time shortly before guild reset and count/sum like a madman... looking at other times is useless. So OP's suggestion of recent total daily token stats for filtering or at least for display is INVALUABLE. If nothing else, at least implement this one! But please don't make it just for today and thus useless when zeroed after reset.
    - I assume (not an officer so can't be sure) the opposite is also true - since I can't see random players or even friends' recent average activity/raid tickets, guild officers likely also can not, so can not effectively judge guild applicants. Thus many guilds chose to use discord and 3rd party sites profiles and other inconveniences. Please make evaluating applicant's activity in-game possible if it's not.
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