Fury-class Interceptor Community Questions/Answers

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In special 2 it says that if there are 7+ sith or sith empire allies, it inflicts protection disruption. However, even with the capital ship counting, how is it possible to have 7 allies?

If a ship has both Sith and Sith Empire tags, they are counted twice, making it possible to get to 7 (and higher) in regards to this ability.
What is the intended capital ship?
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How many shards for unlock?
330, 7 star unlock
Does FCI have synergies with Emperor’s Shuttle and/or Tie Advanced?
FCI does have some small synergies with Emperor’s Shuttle and Tie Advanced, but was designed in such a way that neither ship is a requirement for the new Sith fleet to not intentionally steal from the two Empire fleets.
What does "We Have Returned" do?
“We Have Returned” is a buff first seen on Darth Malgus. It has “+5% Critical Damage and Offense per stack”
Will malgus farm will be eased? Like GET3 or with new raid currency?
Malgus will be farmable in Proving Grounds
With the interceptor's 2nd special, are all debuffs at each threshold applied or just the one at the threshold met?
All debuffs at each threshold are applied.
Is reinforced bulwark different from the one on the razor crest?
There are two different buffs. One is called Stable Bulwark, which was inspired by Reinforced Hull, and the other buff is called Reinforced Determination, which acts like a stacking Defense Up
Hi Meathead, how has your week been so far?
I’m doing pretty well, thank you for asking! New Magic cards arrive this week, so very excited to stream opening those packs!
With new sith ships coming out, and with the Fury inbound and its kit, will we see any touchups to both the sith bomber or sith fighter?
FCI does improve the Extinction-class Bomber through its abilities. We have our eye on Sith Fighter and will evaluate if it gets a similar treatment as Leviathan continues through balance testing.
With Path to Power, are ships with both Sith and Sith Empire tags called to assist twice (since in the ability description it says allies with both tags are counted twice)
No, they are only called to assist once. Counting twice is only in regards to what debuffs get applied.
Regarding the Unique, do Sith Empire allies get +100% Defense per stack of Reinforced Determination (50% base, +25% doubled for Sith Empire)?
Yes. 50% base, 75% for Sith ships, 100% for Sith Empire ships.
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