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Hello everyone, I'm a new player and new to this sub. I've only been playing for 3 days but I'm already hooked. I understand there's a million newbie guides out there I could be watching/reading but I like to engage with other real players.

I'm level 33. My current plan is: to attack the Light/Dark Side missions until I can't win, then go back and farm HARD to toughen-up my roster, rinse and repeat. And make sure to complete my dailies. I'll dabble in Events/PvP/Cantina/Challenges as needed or when they offer content I am able to overcome.

Does that sound like a reasonable F2P plan? Any advice or tips for someone just starting out?


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    Your plan sounds reasonable, though I would definitely recommend both engaging with other players and watching the newbie guides.

    Also, once you unlock ships, I would prioritize developing a fleet that can place you highly in fleet arena each day. The crystal income from fleet arena is a big part of long-term advancement.

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    make sure to add allies via the ally code sharing...
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    I would watch a guide if you want to maximise yourself. As a new player, there’s things you just have no way of knowing that are coming, but that you could start on now and make life easier for yourself down the line. Any of the big SWGOH YouTubers for example have ones that go right from beginning to endgame. That being said, nothing wrong with what you’ve said as a basic plan. Good luck
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    #1 ftp tip if you want finalizer start saving crystals now
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    Save the crystals you earn, that will come in very handy later when you have hard shards that rarely drop or for Shaak Ti which is buried deep at fleet 5 hard 1.

    Look at a lot of guides for new players, and if you still like the game after 1 month or two maybe consider the hyperdrive Bundle of that is still a thing for $100 if it is not breaking the bank.
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