Update 4/19/23

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Hello Heroes of the Holotable, here are today’s update notes!

  • Cere Junda is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.
  • Fifth Brother has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters.
  • Tusken Warrior's shards are now farmable from Cantina 2-D. They replace Jawa shards, which can still be obtained from Dark Side 4-F (Hard).

  • Updating Fury description of the Unique to consistently list at start of the battle for all tiers
  • Updated Fury description of the Basic ability final tier to match functionality that debuff spread is an "or" not "and"
  • Updating Fury description to match functionality that Suspense CD increase can't be resisted
  • Updating Fury description to match functionality that Reinforced Determination gained from Stable Bulwark lasts 1 turn
  • Updating Fury description for the upgrade tier to match description that Stable Bulwark is removed not consumed

REMINDER: There is a Raid Blackout period coming up around the 27th of April
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