help the noob

Good people, please tell me if I have assembled two squads correctly: 1) The First Order (Kylo Ren without a mask-A Stormtrooper of the First Order-An Executioner of the First Order-a Sith Stormtrooper-General Hacks) and 2) sisters of the night (Asajj Vengress-Old Daka- Sister of the Night novice- Talia - Sister of the Night adept).Of the available characters, which packs can be assembled for the bright side?) my profile


  • You can easily get bb-8 from where you are at currently with first order. I can't tell for the second team but the first is ok, but you could probably exchange executioner for either sf tie pilot or regular tie pilot. (Probably the latter) for more damage.

    As I said earlier you can easily get bb-8 from where you are and so I would recommend the RJT team (Rey (jedi training)) which is (bb-8, veteran smuggler Han and Chewbacca, Rey (scavenger), and Finn)
    Sometimes a door is just a door
  • Oh, thanks for the tip about the pilot) I was thinking who to download from these two))and thank you for bb-8) I took it right away) I just stopped my attention on Palpatine and didn't look at other legends
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